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Carers allowance

Carers Allowance: Helping You Help Them

Carers dedicate their time, energy and expertise to helping others. Often but not always, they may be partners, children, siblings or friends of the person needing care. Carers give so much and are rarely thanked for their essential role in the wellbeing of another person. The carers allowance is a small financial supplement to help cover the monetary costs of this dedication.

The Australian Government grants a fortnightly allowance to those who provide daily care to someone who has a disability, illness, or is frail aged. There is a care assessment score to determine whether or not the care qualifies for financial support, and carers will also have to meet an income test.


How Much Will I Receive?

The amount you’ll receive every fortnight depends on a number of factors, like how old the person you’re caring for is (under or over 16), your income, and whether you’re in a couple. It’s a complex procedure to determine eligibility and make a claim—particularly if you’re doing it by yourself.

At Financial Lifestyle Solutions, SA we fully understand how frustrating it can be to receive money you’re entitled to. That’s why we combine our knowledge, skill set and care to ensure your claim is processed and approved in the shortest possible time with minimal headaches.


The Financial Lifestyle Solutions SA Difference

At Financial Lifestyle Solutions SA, we have helped countless clients access the carers allowance they deserve. We also know just how easy it is to inadvertently do the wrong thing, which can have severe consequences. We’ll guide you through everything you need to know, like what happens if you travel, change address, or the person under your care turns 16.

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