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Centrelink Assistance

Financial Lifestyle Solutions SA offers Centrelink assistance to our clients! Clients often express how frustrating dealing with Centrelink is, and how emotionally exhausting it can be just to receive and maintain, access to the Age Pension, Disability Support Pension or Newstart Allowance. This is where Helen and the team at Financial Lifestyle Solutions SA provide Centrelink assistance to their valued clients, ensuring they are always receiving the maximum Centrelink Benefits they are legally entitled to. 

Our aim at Financial Lifestyle Solutions SA is to relieve our most vulnerable clients of this frustration. We are able to put nomination agreements in place, allowing Financial Lifestyle Solutions SA to act on our client’s behalf, and assist them with their reporting obligations. Nomination arrangements and access to Centrelink via Online Business Services allows Financial Lifestyle Solutions SA to handle most of our clients Centrelink obligations.

Our dedicated team contacts Centrelink multiple times per week, ensuring clients are receiving the correct entitlements and our most commonly we are providing Centrelink with information for the following situations.

  • Income and Assets updates
  • Medical Information (disability support pensions)
  • Gifting
  • Preclusion Periods for payments
  • Eliminate the hassle of dealing directly with Centrelink


Official information from Centrelink on how these nominee arrangement works is available directly from Centrelink by clicking here.

We have helped past clients get the maximum entitlement they are eligible for with the following types of benefits:

Centralink Assistance

Disability Support Pension

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Age Pension

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Carers Allowance

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New Start Allowance

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Centrelink Case Study

Maximizing benefits for our Clients and taking the hassle out of dealing with Centrelink.

Ever get the runaround from Centrelink? Have you called them on several occasions and each time they have given you a completely different answer to the same question?

Helen Arthur is fully experienced and knowledgeable on Centrelink’s Policies and Regulations and has been able to prevent Centrelink from giving clients the runaround on several occasions with just one call.

Helen and her team can help you with any issues you may have with Centrelink, including acting on your behalf as a Centrelink appointed nominee. By having Financial Lifestyle Solutions act on your behalf the hassle of dealing with Centrelink is removed.

“Financial Lifestyle Solutions is very much like a financial family to me. They have ensured a financial stability that has enabled me to be free to commit to other aspects of my life without being troubled about money. Their support, guidance and attention to detail in regards to what financial package would be best for my particular situation has changed my life and I’m extremely thankful to have them as my financial support base.”