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Critical illness cover

Protecting Your Family in Sickness and in Health

Have you ever thought about how your family would cope without your income? What if you were suddenly diagnosed with a serious illness that stopped you from working? You’d probably be faced with big bills to cover medical expenses, surgery, and even home modifications—not to mention the cost of everyday living.

Critical illness cover protects you in these situations, and ensures that you won’t have to add financial strain to the list of life changes. At a difficult time, financial security can make a world of difference.


How Much Will I Be Covered For?

The amount that you’ll be covered for and the circumstances under which you’ll be covered both depend on the policy that you choose. Some clients choose a modest package to act as a small buffer, whereas others prefer to increase their regular payment so that it means they would be fully covered in almost any scenario.

The best way to determine which decision is best for you is to pop in and chat to our team of expert financial consultants. We’ll guide you through, offer advice, and let you choose the best solution that fits your family’s needs.


The Financial Lifestyle Solutions SA Difference

Financial Lifestyle Solutions SA is proud to be your financial partner through life—wherever it takes you. Led by four-time National Financial Planner of the Year, Principal Helen Arthur, our team is the comprehensive guide through your life’s financial decisions, including protecting the wealth that you have worked so hard to earn.

By investing in a short initial discussion with our financial planners, you’ll give yourself and your family the peace of mind that you’re making the right decisions to protect your future. Get in touch today for an obligation free consultation.