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Financial Security During a Difficult Time

Life insurance protects the policy owner’s family in the event of their passing. It is a regular payment made to  dependents that helps to cover any number of costs, from mortgage repayments to funeral costs and many more. As a family member of a deceased person, you may also be entitled to their superannuation account sum.

Whether unexpected or not, the passing of a loved one is an extremely stressful time. At Financial Lifestyle Solutions, we take pride in being able to help families find financial comfort during this difficult time. It’s one less thing to worry about, so that your family can grieve while having the security that will help them prepare for the future.


When Should I Claim?

The sooner you speak with a Financial Lifestyle Solutions SA consultant, the better.

A death can suddenly derail many parts of life, but it won’t stop the monthly bills from coming in. Before long, without support, it can become overwhelming. By speaking to our team as soon as possible, we can help you lodge, process, and receive your claim benefit as soon as possible, so that you can stay on top of your finances.

We understand that insurance is one of those things that can slip your mind during a time of grieving. If some time has elapsed since your loved one passed away, still get in touch. We will walk you through what you are entitled to and any lodgement schedules that may apply to your particular claim.


The Financial Lifestyle Solutions SA Difference 

Our team of professionals talk the language of claims management. So while your policy terms and conditions may seem confusing at first, we are on your side to help it all make sense, and ensure nothing is missed. That way, you’ll receive the full amount you’re entitled to, so that you can continue looking after your family even when your loved one is gone.