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Income Protection

Claiming Income Protection To Protect Your Lifestyle

Your capacity to earn a regular income and provide for your family is something that many of us take for granted. It’s only when it’s taken away—through sickness or injury—that the future suddenly looks uncertain.

Thankfully, people who have taken out income protection insurance have a safety net. And that’s where the team at Financial Lifestyle Solutions SA can help. We can help you decipher your policy and work out exactly what you may be entitled to claim. Without the stress of worrying about how you can pay the next mortgage bill, you’ll be able to focus on getting well and returning to work sooner.

If you have stopped working due to accident, illness or injury, get in touch with our team at your earliest convenience to discuss the options available to you.

Should I Claim Income Protection or TPD?

There are several key differences between income protection and Total Permanent Disability (TPD).

First and foremost, as the name suggests, TPD is only for illnesses or injuries that leave you unable to continue working permanently. This is a lump sum payment that can cover everything from medical bills to everyday expenses for the rest of your life.

By contrast, income protection is broader. It protects people who are unable to work due to an accident, sickness or injury for an extended period of time. Unlike TPD, it is a monthly payment that acts in the same way as your regular income did, and can be used to cover anything from medical expenses to everyday bills and debts.


How Much Can I Claim?

As with any claim, there are a number of factors to consider. How many years does your policy cover you for? What level of cover do you have? What is your expected recovery time?

Becoming sick or injured is stressful. Allow our reliable team to take care of the financial headaches quickly. We’ll ask all the right questions that make it easy to lodge and process your successful claim, so that you can receive your first payment as soon as possible.