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Total Permanent Disability (TPD)

Claiming TPD Insurance When You Can No Longer Work

A Total Permanent Disability (TPD) is categorised as any injury, sickness, illness or disability that leaves you unable to continue working in (a) your own occupation, or (b) any occupation.

For example, a surgeon who acquires a physical injury to their hands may no longer be able to work in their own occupation, but that’s not to say they couldn’t work in any occupation they were educated for—such as a general practitioner.

These levels can vary slightly between policies, and will dictate the value of the lump sum that you will receive to help pay off any debts, cover everyday expenses and medical bills, and help you adjust to a new lifestyle as demanded by your illness or injury, such as adapting your home environment or moving into care. 

If you believe that you have a claim, under either category, talk to our consultants today at Financial Lifestyle Solutions SA to discuss the way forward.

How Much Can I Claim?

Only through a thorough analysis of your circumstances are our consultants able to offer you accurate advice. We will sit down with you and look at your policy cover, your injury or illness, your occupation and any medical assessments that you have undergone since.

Some clients may have taken out inflation cover, which ensures their payment reflects the rising cost of living, while others may not have done. Some clients may have only had partial cover in certain circumstances, such as accidents, which would not necessarily cover medical illness. All of these factors will contribute to determining whether your claim is valid, and an appropriate claim amount.

The Financial Lifestyle Solutions SA Difference

As the experts in claims management in South Australia, our team understands the complex claims process back to front. And as well as working with you to ensure you receive the Total Permanent Disability payment you deserve, we can also help out with a number of other claims management services that may be relevant to you—including Centrelink benefits entitlement.

Talk to our helpful team today to get started.